Sunday, January 20, 2013

having a blast dyeing wool

I am having a blast dyeing wool for the hookers this week. I may have found my calling . Everyone knows I love to cook but I've moved on from supper to wool. 
I decided to sit down and write while I was waiting for the colours to cook. 
It's been a very busy week for Pat and I at Andjareenas.
Yarns and fabrics and notions arrive daily and I was able to squeeze in a meeting with Yvette at Pine Ridge Knit and Sew and our Spring Shop Hop is on for the weekend of March 21,22 and 23rd.
It is being held a little early this year because of Easter and shops involved having other commitments but I think that March is a great time. We are all feeling a little shut in by then and are ready to check out the latest for spring. 
I was very excited about our turnout for the Spin In on Friday. We had seven spinners and one hooker show up and there was a great deal of wool spun that day. We did miss Bad Betty. I thought Betty was coming to the Spin In but there was some concern that there could have been an altercation with an elderly man in the pool at the Y. Said man slugged her as he was swimming by and she was looking to get even. I can read the headlines now. lol. Just kidding Betty.
Back to the dye pot. 
Hope to see you all next week.

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