Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dyeing not cooking

I have decided to give up cooking for the time being. I have yet to inform Cliff but he did make a lovely dinner last night so maybe it won't be a surprise to him. I am dyeing up a storm and loving every minute of it. Saturday evening I decided to dye the natural wool felt that has been sitting in the shop waiting for someone else to do it.  As per usual , that someone didn't show up and do my job so I am now doing it myself. lol. Quilters, look out! I am so excited as I see these colours come together. I see wall hangings , penny rugs and perhaps a few needle books in my future.

We had a great day of hooking on Friday and I'm sure all in attendance had as much fun as I did. I am back working on my Deanne Fitzpatrick piece and after many suggestions that I work with a #6 cut , I am finding that I am enjoying it much more than I was. The fact that I am dyeing alot of antique colours is also a big help as my sky had changed three times and i still wasn't happy with it. I admire all the finished projects around me and I aim to finish a little more myself.

The Zig Zag socks are finally nearing completion. I hate those socks and they hate me right back. Had I taken the pattern home with me I would have picked up the right number of stitches and the darn things would have zig zagged instead of striped and I would be done but unfortunately I couldn't live with two different feet. Janice is rubbing off on me. lol To be fair she said she wouldn't have re knit the foot but I don't believe it for a second.

Sergers, I salute you. We had a great serging class  on Saturday and after listening to the comments I feel that they all went away happy and can't wait for the next one. Pat was tinkled pink.
I am in business to make my customers happy and will strive to offer classes that you are interested in. Feel free to suggest things to me when you're in the shop and if the time allows it I will do my best to get a class going.
Can't wait for spring and hopefully our Quilters Shop Hop will have great weather. I figure we've had enough winter and by March 21,22 &23rd we should have great Shop Hopping weather. 
Shops this year include Your #1 Sewing Centre in Campbellford, The Robins Nest in Brighton, Pine Ridge Knit & Sew in Trenton , Andjareenas Place in Trenton and Picton Fabric World in Picton. It should prove to be a wonderful run as all the shop owners are very excited and working hard to make it a great event. Make sure to book this date on your calendar and I will remind you many times so you don't forget. 
Hope all of you are having a great weekend and I'm hoping for warmer weather.
Mary Anne

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