Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter has arrived

It certainly looked like a winter wonderland out there today. I wasn't expecting the freezing rain so that was a big surprize to wake up to this morning. Although the main road were in good condition the side streets and rural roads were another story. Unfortunately that affected our Hook In today. Debbie, Diane, Barb and I were the only four at hooking but we all managed to make great headway in our projects. That Santa will definately be done by next Christmas. lol
We miss you Betty. Hope your cruise is going well and your weather is beautiful. Hope you have your winter boots with you as it looks like you are coming back to winter in Canada.
There is a large selection of spring fabrics that have just arrived in the store. With the arrival of my grandchildren I realized that I don't carry a great deal of baby fabrics so this shipment is full of pastel pinks, greens, and blues. Stripes and juvenile prints are also included. I also managed to pick up about ten different baby quilt tops for those of you looking for crib panels.
Looks like it will be next week before we have Frill Seeker back in the shop. There are quite a few colors that have just arrived in the warehouse so here's hoping that they will be able to get the order out next week. I have received a large number of Baby knitting books that are full of great projects. Check them out at your earliest convenience. These books don't stay in the shop long.
Hope to see you all out this week.

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