Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hope all of you had a great entrance into the New Year last evening and are feeling none the worse for wear as a result. I, on the other hand hit the sheets at 9:30 p.m. as the season has finally caught up to me.
We are doing alot of beginner sewing at Andjareenas and the PUL Fabric for diaper covers is the newest thing. Lots of young Mom's are interested in the environment and doing their part. As a result they are using cloth diapers once again. I have had some of them knitting Soakers and felting them and with this new fabric that is completely waterproof there will be plenty of diaper covers made. My Mom was looking for a shower cap and was unable to find one so I actually cut an 18" circle of the Pul fabric and did a three step ziz zag and attached some bathing suit elastic and eureka I had a shower cap for her. It's easy to sew and although they suggest a teflon foot, I didn't use a special foot and had absolutely no problem. Stop in and see the full selection that we have in the shop now along with the snaps, velcro, foldover elastic and appliques to match.I like anything that's fun to sew!
Mary Anne

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