Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas at Presquile

Sharon and I just returned from leaving a considerable amount of money behind at Christmas at Presquile. There is something for everyone and we proved it. Although I am sure people were watching, I managed to buy a beautiful hand dyed scarf and an equally beautiful felted pursed with flowers on the front. I think I stole it for $65.00. I am very happy with my purchases. As we were leaving the building we were accosted by a gentleman wanting to know our postal code. "Rick I said, it's me from Andjareenas". lol. He was so intent on his job that he didn't recognize me but he did remember Janice, the woman he lives with his has become a knitaholic. lol. We were then on to the tea room where they had the most wonderful rum cake as usual. Sharon felt a little light headed and we're not sure if it's the rum sauce or not. (It's the rum sauce). yummy!!!
There was certainly something for everyone there and the price ranges proved it. I don't think anyone could be disappointed. I know we weren't.

Have a great Sunday afternoon. Looks like it's going to rain so I'm inside for now. I'm sure that weatherman called for sunny weather but if I don't get it till Monday I can live with that. My twins are coming for a visit so their grandfather will be out showing them off in their Cadillac Stroller. lol

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