Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Arrivals

Although it has been extremely hot you all know that after August 1st we are heading into the fall of the year. Fabrics and yarns must be purchased for the Christmas present that goes on the list every year. I have just received one of the yarn shipments and a large portion has managed to move out the door quite quickly. Even if your're not knitting or sewing it's always a good idea to be prepared for that rainy day that some of us were praying for less than a week ago. There are a large number of new quilting patterns for the quilters as well as a good selection of yarns and patterns for the knitters that have rolled in already. Hookers, do not feel left out. We have lots of wool fabrics and backings so drop in and see us.

Bad Betty has struck again. I'm sure the gentleman sitting in his vehicle waiting for his wife is still wondering what goes on behind our sacred doors. What goes on at Andjareenas, stays at Andjareenas. lol
Pauline, don't encourage her . lol

I will be hosting a Spin In on Friday the 19th of August from 10-3.
Please call and let me know if you are coming. I am limited for space and don't want to turn anyone away.

See you soon
Mary Anne

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