Friday, March 25, 2011

Hookers Rule!

Another great turnout for our monthly Hook In. Nice to see everybody and for those of you who were unable to attend we missed you. Janice, hope you're enjoying yourself and the weather is a little warmer where you are.
Geri, I hope you're enjoying yourself in New York City. Sorry I couldn't be there lol. Thanks to Phyllis for the suggestions on my sky. You were right and I will probably pull more of the blue out of my piece. I'm going to be looking at pictures of the sky to help me along. You guys are really a fun bunch and I had a great day today. Not everyone gets to go to work and do all the things that they love to do. I am blessed.
Don't forget that our Quilters Shop HOp will be coming up on April 7th,8th and 9th. All the same shops will be participating but I think you will be surprised and delighted at some of the in store specials that will be available. There will be deep cuts in prices on books and some of the patterns. Just a little info to tantalize.
For those of you who have been waiting for sock yarn there has been a huge variety come in to the shop in the last two weeks so be sure to stop in and have a look. Our Tuesday Knitters group make quick work of the sock yarn so hurry so you won't be disappointed.
Those of you who are waiting for info on Travis's hockey team. They have moved on to the finals and are now facing off against Elliot Lake.
I will have to make at least one trip there. I am not looking forward to the long drive but Travis tells me the view is beautiful. That's saying something for a twenty year old to tell me that.
Sheena's twins are growing like crazy. Carter is over 16 pounds and Peyton is over 15 pounds. They are distincly different in size when you lay them next to each other. BEing a grandparent is the best. I recommend it to those of you who haven't tried it. lol

Mary ANne

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