Saturday, March 19, 2011

Get your sock fix!

Finallly the new shipment of sock yarn has arrived. Bad Betty has been cruising the yarn room for weeks searching for even a sniff of new sock yarn. There was a small arrival of On Your Toes wool and bamboo last week but it was not enough to quench her thirst. Well Betty, it's here and waiting for you on Tuesday afternoon. lol
Sharon and I were busy today getting ready for the Shop Hop on April 7,8 and 9th. I know we have time but we have been so busy in the shop of late that I thought we had better get on it if we were going to do anything big. Today we hung new curtains all over the store and moved some furniture around but true to form we got busy in the afternoon and there is still plenty to do. It is spring and we are spring cleaning. There will be huge savings at our shop hop and prices that won't be beat.
Marie Paul brought her fellow stitchers in this afternoon for a visit. We were very glad to see them again. Ann, at Knowledge and Needles has a retreat this weekend and the girls always find their way to the shop for fabric or yarn while they are in town.
The Rizos is back in the shop in new colours and we have a deal on cotton, 10 balls for twenty bucks. As long as our suppliers are offering these great deals we will be buying them. You can't break up the bags but the price is right. Less than half price.
Hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful weather and have a great weekend.
Travis's hockey team were beat today and are in a 3 games to 2 situation right now. Hopefully they will win tomorrow and Monday and advance to the final round. The babies are sleeping all night and Carter weights 16 lbs. Peyton around the 15 lb. mark.
Mary Anne

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  1. Wow! You have been busy. I will be bringing in a sample sometime this week before the shop hop so we can advertise classes.

    Will try to drop by soon.