Friday, December 10, 2010

One tired Grandma

I had forgotten what it was like to experience the birth of babies. I am a new grandma and although it is exciting, I just realized how old I am. lol
Carter and Peyton are the most beautiful babies ever. There! I have joined the obnoxious grandparent club. I will try not to besiege you with to many pictures and bend your ear to much, but for now I am very excited.
Peyton, looks like a beautiful little girl, who may have red hair or at least some highlights. She has blue eyes for now but they tell me that could change. Carter, looks like a little man with beautiful blue eyes as well and looks like his daddy. Both babies are very alert and are very well behaved. Anyone who knows Sheena and her organizational skills knows that they wouldn't be any other way. lol.
I spent last night in the hospital with her and the babies and all those feedings and I needed to come home for a sleep.
Lakeridge hospital in Oshawa was an unbelievable experience. The nurses and support staff were just great and I think that makes for a wonderful time for new mothers. Cheers to them.
I will be back in the shop on Saturday after a much needed rest.
Mary Anne


  1. Yay! Congrats on the grand babies. How terribly exciting and wonderful :)

  2. Congrats, rest up you and mom will need it. I trust dad and grandpa came thru the presentation well. Welcome to the club. (we will look at your pictures for a while. lol)