Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frillseeker yarns

Frillseeker yarns will begin shipping again next week. The original colours are still not back in stock but there are three new colours available and we hope to have them in the shop next week. The orders will be filled in sequence and I can only hope that they are not sold out when they reach my name. There is also a new Katia yarn that is on order and I hope that it will also arrive next week. Who knew that we would still be knitting funky scarves after all this time.
Most of you know that we are having twin grandchildren. They will arrive Dec. 8th if all goes well. If she eats to much spagetti at the hockey fundraiser tonight they may come earlier. Apparently there is not alot of room left and they are jockeying for space. I will be away from the shop for a few days but Sharon, Geri and Cecile will be there to help you.
Rug hookers will continue to meet on Wednesdays but only in the afternoon until the new year. The Rug Hookers Bible books are now in stock again as well as the videos from Gene Shepherd. I have been picking up new rug hooking books and magazines as I see them but they are in and out quickly so check regularly if you are looking for something specific.

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