Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No babies yet!

I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the twins. Sheena has been looking after herself very well and apparently they won't be arriving until they are darn good and ready. Stress tests have been passed and they seem to be happy to stay where they are for now. I am nervous. There! I've said it. If all goes as planned we will have grandchildren next week.

We had a great day at hooking today. All projects are moving right along and I'm really impressed with the oriental rugs the ladies are doing.
Janice, I have to say that the miniature scenes have really caught my eye but I keep telling myself that I can't start another thing. I think I am going to take Barb Powers advice she gave me one time about quilting. Nobody says you have to make the whole quilt. You can buy the fabric make a block or two and get it out of your system and put the rest away. lol
I like that idea. I feel a new project coming on.

Stitchers meet on Thursday morning. We knit, stitch and sew and do whatever we darn well please in that group. Everyone is welcome.
See you Thursday.

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