Monday, November 1, 2010

Sheenas Shower

A great day was had by all. The older generation(omg I just called myself the older generation) had a great time visiting while I noticed most of the younger generation had been to a few Halloween parties the night before and were not at the top of their game. I wish I had their energy. Thanks Hailey for staying so long when you hadn't been to bed yet. lol . Lindsey for taking all the pictures and Jennie for helping Sheena unwrap her gifts. Sharon, Sharon and Bev ( I will get even at knitting) and the twisted sisters and everyone for all their help. Sheena was overwhelmed with your generosity. Thank you so much. These babies are much loved already.
Diane D. had left me a bag of sock yarn and although I thought I had passed the remnants all along, I discovered little balls of yarn on the weekend and have begun knitting "leftover socks". I figure if I make the toes and heels out of one colour and the rest of the socks with the remaining balls in similiar colours I could have myself several new pairs of socks this winter. THanks Diane. I know once you knit a colour you're done with it but you will be happy to know I'm using it up. That's what happens at 4 a.m. when you've left your grandchilds sweater at the shop and you need some knitting.
Hope to see all of you out to knitting on Tuesday afternoon. The snow is going to fly soon and maybe I should be making myself a pair of "hot dog mittens".

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