Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Malibrigo Sock now in

Malibrigo Sock Yarn is now in stock. Beautiful, merino, kettle dyed and we decided today it was much to nice for socks. I wouldn't mind a sweater out of it or at the very least a very nice scarf.
There have been new arrivals of fabric, yarns and stitchery supplies almost on a daily basis but I find it hard to get motivated for the holidays somedays because the weather has been absolutely amazing. If we can just through the month of November with no snow I'm sure the winter won't seem as long. One customer told me today that "we are going to pay for this". Something about the groundhogs. lol
"Baby Alert"
Our little girl is up to 4.7lbs. and the boy is 5.8. The doctor is keeping a close watch on Sheena but I'm wondering if I'm going to be a Grandma sooner than I expected.

Mary Anne

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