Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sheenas good!

What a day! As promised here is the update from the hospital. Sheena is fine and the twins are moving like crazy. She is home from the hospital and everything checked out. The technician was going crazy Sheena said when she was watching them move. She was really excited about how great they looked. Sheena on the other hand was in a little discomfort. I think they are jockying for position and that can be uncomfortable with one never mind two. She has carpal tunnel in her arms? And her fingertips are a bit numb. I dont understand what that is all about but they are happy with her at the hospital. She is home resting and trying to get comfortable and when asked whether hse was going to work tomorrow she said " well, I only have two days left". I'm sure her fellow workers will be walking on eggs. It makes me nervous and I'm 75 miles away.
The cribs are going together this weekend for sure and the car seats are going in the van. I told her to get ready, but who listens to their Mother. I'm always right! lol

Mary Anne

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