Sunday, January 31, 2010

They're Home

The boys are finally home from hockey at 530 a.m. after having the bus break down on the side of the 400 for over 2 hours. Travis sprained his ankle five minutes into the game so was not a good night all around. He'll tape it up and be back on skates before we know it. Loves the game!
They have just now gone to bed so I will knit on my second Noro sock and perhaps go into the store later to sew on the Shop Hop Quilt. It's nice when the phones aren't ringing and I'm not getting up and down to wait on customers and can actually sew without making mistakes because I forgot where I was. I got caught ripping something out the other day with the rotary cutter and Cecile just about went balistic when she saw me. I'll have to be careful not to get caught next time.
It is slightly quieter in our neighbourhood this weekend as Canada Blast doesn't seem to be running as many reefers. This has been a bone of contention with our neighbourhood as they are doing outside storage and running reefers from Friday night until Sunday sometime when they are picked up. We had over 22 neighbours at the city hall meeting the other night and I think everyone is going to apply for a reduction in taxes. One thing I know for sure , this has been going on for over three years and we have contacted ever member of parliament, environment representative and if you think something can be done, thing again. Wow! Who would have thought. We aren't going down easy as a neighbourhood that's for sure. I was surprised that the men were far more vocal at the meeting than anyone. Good for them.

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