Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday nights alright

Another day done and the knitters, quilters and stitchers were out in full force.
We are knitting helmet liners for the troops and our knitters and well as those in the surrounding area are rising to the challenge. 4000 is the goal so we have sent it out to any and all knitting guilds that we know of as well as other stores in the area and beyond.
A SARTECH's wife mentioned that they only wear orange so why not. We now have some knitting in the brightest orange I could find.
The hottest thing lately is the two ball Marble Chunky shrug. I have to admit it's easy and quick and the knitters love that. Make it, wear it and move on to the next project. It is a nice, soft, cosy little shrug that would be nice for hospitals and nursing homes or anyone who is bedridden and needs a little extra warmth.
I have just finished knitting one sock( yes, I know I have to many single socks) out of the Noro sock yarn. Now, I wasn't sure I was going to like working with it because it is a soft twist and very fine but I was surprised at how fast it worked up and there was only one time that I pulled a little to tightly and broke the yarn. Not to worry, I felted it back together quite quickly.
I've been sewing on our Shop Hop Quilt all day today when I didn't have customers. It's coming together quite nicely and we are doing a scrappy one again so that you can use all your stash up.
This is the year for using up. The whole world is doing without and we're sitting on tons of fabric and yarn, besides if I don't make you use it up you just feel guilty and can't possibly buy another thing. There is a method to the madness.
I've sent three of my scrappy quilts out to the quilter and I was amazed at how much space I freed up in my storeroom. I felt quite happy (and relieved) to see them go.
Hubby and son are out of town playing hockey and I though I might catch a hockey game downtown at the rink. I think I have been in the arena to much if I'm now going to watch someone elses kids play.

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