Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall has officially arrived

Fall has officially arrived this week and with a vengance. I knew I was quickly running out of time to clean up my gardens and the last few days proved it. There was a small break in the weather on Sunday and I was able to get one garden partially done but if I don't get at least one more sunny day I will be hanging Christmas lights from dead stalks in my garden . lol.

Several shipments of yarn and fabrics have arrived this past week and the selections are fantastic. There are all kinds of fun scarf yarns available this year as well as beautiful sock and sweater yarns.
Fabrics continue to roll in for those of you who are doing some home dec projects such as placemats, curtain toppers and pillows. Be careful when choosing fabrics for your projects and choose only fabrics with good thread count and true colours. Often people will say to me they have purchased a fabric that seems similiar to what we have but the colour just isn't the same. That would be because it is run on a cheaper fabric and therefore colours often aren't quite as vibrant. Buy the best because you are worth it and your time is very important. If you can't afford the best then buy what you can afford but continue to sew and help keep this wonderful industry growing. The satisfaction that you will receive from making something with your own hands is immeasurable.

Rug hookers. I continue to bring in fabrics and backings and books to expand this area of the shop and I thank you for your continued support. For those of you doing your own dyeing I have just received Dorr natural wool for dyeing.


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  1. I will have to pop in this week and see whats new. Its been a busy week and I have been catching up on my stitching. Cheers!