Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Hook In Success

Although we had fewer numbers this month, due to holidays and other commitments, I declare our "Last Friday of the Month Hook In", a huge success. When you have fewer numbers you are able to interact a little more with some of the people you are unable to meet when the place is full and we had lots of laughs on Friday.
Several new shipments of fabric have arrived as well as the 108" bamboo batting at $14.99 a meter. As we enter the month of August, I expect that we will have shipments arriving almost daily. It has been a fairly busy summer surprisingly enough. The hot weather doesn't always work in our favour but I think it's been so extreme that people are staying inside alot with the air conditioner for company and are working on projects for the holiday season. Did I say that?
For those of you who know Sheena, she and Kurt have arrived in Florida for a vacation with Kurt's family and it is 36 degrees today. I'm going to stop complaining right away. Way to hot for me.
I hope all of you are having a great long weekend and for you knitters, I'll see you on Tuesday afternoon.
Mary Anne

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